Professor Nazir Kherani

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Toronto

10 King's College Road, Toronto Ontario M5S 3G4 CANADA

Phone: (416) 946-7372

Nazir Kherani, has over 20 years of industrial and academic experience. He is currently leading the Advanced Photovoltaics and Devices research group at the University of Toronto pursuing semiconductor and nano-structured materials and devices research. Major research areas include: high efficiency silicon photovoltaics, photonic crystals, optical and photonic materials and devices, and micropower sources and sensors. He is a recipient of major awards: the New Opportunities Award (2004); Early Researcher Award (2006); the Ontario Research Foundation – Research Excellence Award for High-Efficiency Silicon Photovoltaics (2008); and the Engineering Medal in Research and Development (2009). He has over one hundred publications including 5 US patents and 1 co-authored book.

Dr. Kherani is a graduate of the University of Toronto: PhD in Physics (1994), MASc in Nuclear Reactor Physics (1983), and BASc (Hon) in Engineering Science (1982). He has completed two industrial research sabbaticals, one with Los Alamos National Laboratory (1986) and the other with the Institute for Plasma Physics, Kernforschungsanalage J├╝lich, Germany (1987). He currently holds joint appoints in both the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Department of Materials Science & Engineering.