Details of Ongoing and Recent CADIPT Projects

Program I: Biomedical Photoacoustic and Thermophotonic Technology & Instrumentation Development

  1. Non-invasive laser-based technology for continuous or intermittent measurement of blood glucose (and blood alcohol content)

    The non-invasive measurement of blood glucose has long been a “holy grail” in biosensor science and technology [1]. For more…
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  2. Development of a high-resolution photothermal coherence tomography clinical imager for detection and 3-D mapping of early dental caries

    Dental caries remains the most prevalent chronic disease in both children and adults, imposing significant financial and societal burdens on…
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  3. Development of Multi-Spectral Frequency-Domain Photoacoustic imaging

    Our PAR imager operating with linear frequency modulation (LFM chirp) of a CW laser beam [37] exhibits superior signal-to-noise ratio…
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  4. Pre-clinical Small-Animal Functional Photothermal Coherence Imaging

    Pre-clinical imaging technologies are excellent tools for assessment of anatomical, physiological and functional parameters at molecular and cellular levels in…
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  5. Development of noninvasive bone density biosensors

    Osteoporosis (OP) is a major public health problem in Canada and around the world. Fractures from osteoporosis are more common…
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  6. Development of Photoacoustic Radar (PAR) imaging

    Photoacoustic (PA) imaging modalities are internationally regarded as a very promising complement or alternative to conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),…
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  7. Truncated-Correlation Photothermal Coherence Tomography (TC-PCT)

    This is a revolutionary IR-camera-based dynamic imaging technique recently pioneered in the CADIPT [1,2]. The high axial resolution due to…
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Program II. Novel Non-destructive Imaging and Quantitative Metrologies for Semiconductor Optoelectronic and Nanoscale Device and Material Inspection Using Photocarrier Diffusion Waves

  1. Development of homodyne and heterodyne lock-in carrierography for non-destructive imaging of semiconductor materials and photovoltaic solar cells

    Solar cell technologies are rapidly growing in Canada and elsewhere due to strong demand for alternative energy sources. Current (“conventional”)…

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  2. PbS colloidal quantum dot solar-cell photovoltaic energy conversion mechanism studies for fundamental physical electronic process evaluation and device performance optimization.

    Exciton kinetics in colloidal quantum dot (CQD) PbS thin films used for the fabrication of quantum dot solar cells were…

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