Research Personnel (Research Associates and Post-Doctoral Fellows)

Dr. Guo, XinXin, Senior Research Associate

Project: Photothermal device for blood glucose and blood alcohol monitoring; Industrial steels case depth hardness photothermal radiometric insrtumentation; Industry liaison

Dr. Lashkari, Bahman, PDF

Project: Research and development of analytical instrumentation and techniques for photoacoustic diagnosis of early osteoporotic bone loss and density variations

Dr. Melnikov, Alexander, Research Associate

Projects: Development of Lock-in Carrieography and PhotoCarrier Radiometry for semiconductor materials and structures; Photovoltaic Solar-Cell non-destructive evaluation; Industrial non-destructive testing and imaging; Industry liaison; Steel hardness depth profilometry

Dr. Sivagurunathan, Koneswaran

Research Associate

Dr. Sun, Qiming, PDF

Project: Non-destructive optoelectronic imaging

Graduate Students

Roointan, Sohrab

M.A. Sc. student

Tavakolian, Pantea

PhD candidate