Research Personnel (Research Associates and Post-Doctoral Fellows)

Dr. Guo, XinXin, Senior Research Associate

Project: Photothermal device for blood glucose and blood alcohol monitoring; Industrial steels case depth hardness photothermal radiometric insrtumentation; Industry liaison

Dr. Lashkari, Bahman, PDF

Project: Research and development of analytical instrumentation and techniques for photoacoustic diagnosis of early osteoporotic bone loss and density variations

Dr. Melnikov, Alexander, Research Associate

Projects: Development of Lock-in Carrieography and PhotoCarrier Radiometry for semiconductor materials and structures; Photovoltaic Solar-Cell non-destructive evaluation; Industrial non-destructive testing and imaging; Industry liaison; Steel hardness depth profilometry

Dr. Sivagurunathan, Koneswaran

Research Associate

Dr. Sun, Qiming, PDF

Project: Non-destructive optoelectronic imaging

Graduate Students

Choi, Sean

PhD student

Hu, Lilei

PhD Graduate

Roointan, Sohrab

M.A. Sc. student

Shojaei-Asanjan, Khashayar

M.A.Sc student

Song, Peng

Visiting PhD student

Soral, Akshit

M.Eng. student

Tavakolian, Pantea

PhD candidate

Visiting Researchers

Jangjoo, Alireza

Visiting PhD student

Kooshki, Sahar

Visiting PhD candidate

Wei, Yu

PhD student