Current CADIPT Research Programs and Projects

PROGRAM I. Biomedical and Dental Non-Invasive Diagnostic Imaging Techniques and Biosensor Technologies

Project I.1: Development of novel non-invasive photothermal (thermophotonic) diagnostic imaging of (a) bone disease (osteoporosis), and (b) small animal (mouse, rat) functional imaging technology.

Project I.2: Photoacoustic radar (PAR) development for multispectral imaging of breast cancer and catheters for coronary disease endoscopy. Co-registration with biomedical ultrasonic imaging.

Project I.3: Development of non-invasive dental thermophotonic diagnostics and dental imaging technologies for early demineralization caries detection.

Project I.4: Development of non-invasive thermophotonic blood glucose and blood alcohol biosensors.

PROGRAM II. Novel Non-destructive Imaging and Quantitative Metrologies for Semiconductor Optoelectronic and Nanoscale Device and Material Inspection Using Photocarrier Diffusion Waves

Project  II.1: Quantitative non-contact non-destructive testing/imaging (NDT/NDI) of electronic flaws affecting performance of optoelectronic semiconductor devices, with primary applications to (a) industrial multi-crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) solar cells, and (b) amorphous Si thin-film solar cells.

Project II.2: PbS colloidal quantum dot solar-cell photovoltaic energy conversion mechanism studies for fundamental physical electronic process evaluation and device performance optimization.

PROGRAM III. Novel Non-destructive Testing and Imaging Technologies Using Thermal Waves and Laser Ultrasonics

Project III.1:  Frequency-domain and thermal-wave-radar (TWR) NDT/NDI technologies for automotive component subsurface flaw inspection.

Project III.2:  Laser ultrasonic NDT – measurements of mechanical stresses and mechanical defect diagnostics in aerospace metals and coatings, including nanocoatings.

PROGRAM IV. Ultrasensitive spectroscopic sensor development for environmental pollution diagnostic applications

Project IV.1: Fourier-transform infrared differential photoacoustic spectroscopy (FTIR-DPAS) development.