Information on the IPPA Prize

Further information on the activities of the IPPA or its prizes is available by contacting any of the directors:

Prof. Gerald J. Diebold, F.A.P.S. (Honorary Emeritus Chair of the Board)
Department of Chemistry
Brown University
Providence, RI
USA 02912
(401) 863-3586

Prof. Andreas Mandelis, PhD, FRSC, FCAE, FAPS, FSPIE, FAAAS, FASME , DF-IETI
Professor and Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Diffusion-Wave and Photoacoustic Sciences and Technologies

Director, Institute for Advanced Non-Destructive & Non-Invasive Diagnostic Technologies (IANDIT)

Director, Center for Advanced Diffusion-Wave and Photoacoustic Technologies (CADIPT)
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

University of Toronto
5 Kings College Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
Tel. (416) 978-5106; Fax (416) 266-8713

Prof. Todd W. Murray
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Colorado at Boulder
427 UCB, Engineering Center
Boulder, CO 80309
(303) 492-7236