Prize Selection Committee Rules

The IPPA Prize winners will be selected non-partially and confidentially by an international Prize Selection Committee among candidates whose nominations are received before the announced deadline. Any nominations received after the deadline will be held and considered in the next award. All nominations (current and past) will be automatically considered for every new cycle of the Prize. Nominations ought to be refreshed after two cycles through written request to the nominator by the IPPA Secretary.

At the discretion of the selection committee, the prize may be shared among several individuals with contributions in a similar area. The prize selection committee shall consist of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary, and two other Committee members. The role of the former three members is administrative on behalf of the Association, whereas the latter two members are selected by the IPPA President among the three IPPA Prize winners of the ICPPP Conference immediately prior to the upcoming ICPPP. After each Prize award, among the administrative members of the Committee, the Chair will “rotate out”, and the vice-chair and secretary will become the Chair, Vice-Chair, respectively, of the next prize selection committee. A new committee member will be appointed as Secretary at the discretion of the President of the Association. Two new committee members will be designated from the current Prize winners.

The sitting members of the PSC will be disqualified for winning the current IPPA Prizes, and also disqualified to act as nominators or referees for any current nominees, but are free to encourage others to nominate candidates. All information submitted to the prize selection committee shall be kept confidential.