Submission Of Nominations

The IPPA solicits international nomination of candidates for the Prize. The Nominator’s package should be sent to the Secretary of the selection committee before the submission deadline, and should consist of the following:

(a) Biographical information, a list of publications, patents or other published work of the nominee. Supporting letters are desirable but not necessary, as the nominator is responsible for documenting information about the excellence of the nominee’s research that warrants the IPPA Prize. In case there are supporting letters, they are expected to¬† provide more details about the achievements of the nominee, letters which could help construct the prize citation. The nominator should submit all such letters (maximum 3) along with the rest of the nomination package.

(b) For all three Prizes, a citation of up to 200 words should be submitted describing the significance and impact of the contributions of the nominee. In addition, for the Junior IPPA Prize, up to 5 research papers representative of the most outstanding contributions of the nominee, for which (s)he is being recognized should be submitted to the Committee along with the CV and the citation documents.